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Reasons To Use Digital Printing

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September 28, 2018
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Reasons To Use Digital Printing

One of the most exciting thing that has happened in the printing industry in the past 30 years is Digital Printing and not many people know about it.

Too much hype? Yea … but not really.

Digital printing allows the ability to print small quantities and have a quick turnaround time for them. Digital printing uses your digital files and prints them instead of the traditional offset printing which uses printing plates to get your stuff printed. There’s no film involved at all.

If only business owners know how much they can benefit from this.

Here are several reasons why digital is the way to go:

With digital printing, you can print little quantities as little as one. This makes the process quick and does not involve the costly setup fee. This enables the costs to stay low unlike other forms of printing where printing as little as one can cost a dime. With traditional printing, people make the mistake of printing too much then they actually require.

With digital printing, you can print a small quantities of your business brochures in time for important meetings you have next week. No joke. Turnover times are so much shorter with digital printing.

You can print different versions and test out which version works. You can do all this within a short period of time.

You can PERSONALIZE your postcards or brochures or whatever by taking advantage of the latest cool “subset” of digital printing, called variable data printing. It lets you practice “one-to-one marketing,” because EVERY PIECE HAS DIFFERENT CONTENT. It marries a database (yours) with the design template. And every printed piece has different information to help make it more personal, more attractive, and more effective. Plus, you get higher response rates with VDP.

Each of your salespeople or executives can have his or her own version of sell sheets or other printed materials, tailored specifically for his/her own clients or prospects.

You can change the content more often with digital printing, keeping your material current and accurate. So print 2000 brochures every quarter and update the copy, instead of printing 8000 brochures per year and living with outdated and incorrect information.

You can say goodbye to those long waiting times of weeks just to get small stuff printed. With digital printing, you can reduce or even eliminate waste by only printing what you need. How novel is that?

Digital printing might not satisfy all your printing needs, but it does come in handy for small runs and quick turnaround jobs. Does every commercial printer do digital printing? Not really. We at Crest impressions specialize in digital printing. Our top of the line equipment enables us to give same day turnaround times at affordable prices. Contact us to know more!

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