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Choosing the right envelopes. How to ?

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Choosing the right envelopes. How to ?


Envelopes have a lot of sizes to choose from. How to choose the right one ?

Items to consider:

Size of the item being mailed?
The type of envelope required?
Type of seal required?
How well can the postage be optimized & how well can the prices be reduced for the postage.

Let us first understand the anatomy of an envelope. Take a piece of paper, fold it, apply some glue and now you have an envelope.

Anatomy of an Envelope

The process of producing envelopes is not simple. In Fact, it is very complex. We don’t need to get into it right now unless we are looking into manufacturing & production costs.

Here are a few technical terms which can be useful whether you are just sending a post or a manufacturer of envelopes.

Flap – The folded part of the envelope which is sealed to contain the post
Opaque – There is a printed pattern inside the envelope which protects the contents of the envelope being read. This is the opaque portion.

Seal – There are three main types of closure: Self-seal, Peel & Seal & Gummed.

Scoreline – The part where the envelope flap is folded.

Shoulder – A portion of the side flaps along the throat where they meet the top fold.

Side seam – A seam that runs vertically to the envelope opening
Throat – The space between the top fold and top of the back flap that forms the opening where envelope contents are inserted.

Now that the anatomy is listed we can now look into the differences between the types of envelopes.

Pocket & Wallet

The sizes of envelopes are measured from the flap at the top. It’s the same with the orientation.

The flap on short edge = Pocket

The flap on long edge = Wallet

Envelopes come in a variety of sizes and are available with and without windows.

Window envelopes are useful especially for bulk mails, invoices & statements where the process involves automatically print the recipient address

The size and position of the window are always described with the flap upwards.

Size is measured Height first and Width second (A x B).

The position is measured by distance in from the left-hand side (C) and up from the base (D).

Will any envelope do?

No. Choosing the right envelope can help to protect the contents. The cost also varies.

How important is the seal?

The type of seal can have a huge impact on security, especially if it’s a large mailing.

Optimise Your Post

The size of the envelope & the weight of the contents affect the cost of the postage.

To optimize costs, consider whether an A4 document can be folded into 3 to fit in a DL envelope, or folded in half to fit a C5 envelope.

Getting Help

It is best to contact the professionals if you are confused about choosing the right envelope or are looking to get your own envelopes customized & printed. Here at crest impressions we provide a fast unmatched service with cheap, affordable pricing. So let us know!.

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