Imagine it. Design it. Print it. Ship it. Sell it. With Crest Impressions commercial print shop, digital printing, offset printing and signage service we can provide true end-to-end solutions working as one, you can do it all.


Established in 1993 as a full-service commercial print shop.

Our clientele range from small businesses requiring short run digital print to large companies that use thousand printing.

We recognize that now, more than ever, business people have less and less time to devote to their printing and marketing requirements. We understand the concerns of business and respond not only with an unmatched level of customer service, but also with a strong commitment to budget and deadlines.


Our Coquitlam roofing company decided to get business cards made up with our logo. Jon at Crest Impressions was incredible and made it extremely easy. The business cards came out incredible. There is no place else we'd go!

Fraser V

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

I have very happy because I got my business cards 3 days after I placed the order from this Coquitlam print shop. But there was some issue with the printout, the color was not correct when I pick up. I spoke to Jonathan, the owner, after going through the checks together with him, I realized the mistake was made by my designer. I wanted it to be a light Grey, but the designer provided them a mixture of CMYK which cause the print out to be yellowish. It was indeed printed correctly. He helped me to amend the softcopy and offer me 20% off to reprint the business cards with the new file. I appreciate his kindness and sharing. Will be back for more prints from Crest Impressions :)

Elysia H

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

Despite having some issues previously when I try to order customize items from them, Jonathan took the initiative to call up and explain the misunderstanding and even give suggestions in order to meet client requirements. Such a positive attitude and polite service even my client did not purchase any of their items. I am giving Crest Impression a 5-stars is because they are the best Coquitlam print shop I have ever work with. Thumbs up for Jonathan and his team, good job!

Kaitlin N.

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

Our company has been using Crest Impressions for various printing needs and they have been providing us with good services, they are always able to meet our tight schedule. I would also like to thank Jonathan for his excellence service, he is always very hardworking and takes his time to listen and understand our need, he would give suggestion to us on how to improve on our printing requirement. I am confident to work with him as he is able to showcase his many years of industry knowledge. Reliable Coquitlam print shop ever!

Aditya M.

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

I would like to commend Jonathan from Crest Impressions on his professionalism and efficiency in handling my printing orders at such a short notice period. He was very patient with my queries and assisted me in every single way possible. Thank you for your wonderful service and we hope to work with you again. Crest Impression - our Coquitlam print shop to go :)

Shanelle H.

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

Cress Impressions was able to provide high-quality prints within the very tight timelines that I had given them. Jonathan and his team provided prompt service and advised on my requirements. They also showed great patience even when the files I provided were hard to open or faced issues. Kudos to the best Coquitlam print shop on a great job done!

Jameson C.

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

Jonathan is very helpful. Even though I have written my company billing name wrongly he is still very patient to change it and ensure that the invoice is correct.

This is also a rush order, you guys did it without any extra charges and it is perfectly done. The printing is fantastic and the cutting is well done too! Thank you so much!!! I had a great ordering experience with this Coquitlam print shop, Crest Impressions!

Sumayya G.

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

Best customer service ever. Crest Impressions is very professional. The support I had by Jonathan was fantastic. Considering I'm based in Coquitlam he was able to understand my priorities and he satisfied my expectations. Good quality of the print and service in this Coquitlam print shop. Bravi :)

Wilbur B.

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

Jonathan of Crest Impressions was fantastic and was extremely helpful throughout the process. We had a very tight timeline so thank you so much for accommodating our request and doing your best to fit our schedule. It is truly much appreciated. Your team was professional and worked fast, one of the best vendors I've come across so far. Though there were some miscommunications on our part, you made it all happen anyway. Once again, my heartfelt thanks for everything that this Coquitlam print shop did for us! Great work partnering with Crest Impressions!

Carson H.

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

I wanted a 24-page magazine printing to be printed by a professional company and found Crest Impressions via Google Search of Coquitlam print shop. The whole process was smooth sailing. Jonathan was very helpful and patient in answering my enquiries and concerns. I'm quite pleased with the end product and my colleagues love it too. Crest Impressions also has a courier service for small orders. Nevertheless, I will likely engage Crest Impressions again for future printing jobs :) Thank you Jonathan!

Alina S.

A satisfied client with our Coquitlam print shop

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